News 20 February 2019

Union Fleurs Valentine’s Day Special Media Review & Impressions 2019

Every year, Union Fleurs publishes a special edition of the Media Review, compiling the most relevant articles published online around Valentine’s Day to offer its members a worldwide overview of what has been said about flowers on this special holiday.

As last year, we can note the emphasis put by the media on sustainability, usually in a positive way, with many articles guiding consumers to make conscious choices when buying flowers, and balancing the arguments for imported vs locally grown. Inevitably, a few publications point at the main issues faced by the global production and trade of flowers, such as the use of agrochemicals and the working conditions in producing countries, however they all refer to outdated stories and arguments that have already been extensively discussed and addressed.

Although the sale of flowers didn’t break any records this year, “the overall picture is moderate to good”: with Valentine’s day falling a Thursday, Royal FloraHolland recorded an increase of more than 4 percent sales of roses compared to 2018. Global sales records (not yet released) are likely to increase slightly again. The predominant topic among growers both in East Africa and Latin America has been transport this year, with high freight costs and limited capacity. Imports to the US were not affected by the government shutdown, and fears from difficult weather conditions, both for production and delivery, proved to be untrue.
Besides market trends, the selection of articles gives a comprehensive tour of the main topics recorded this year, such as promotion campaigns and market competition, freight transport and logistics, custom inspections, the rise of flower delivery options and quality, and new buying trends, such as preserved flowers, new colours & scents, and the “slow flowers” movement.

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