Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

Flowers & Plants: an international market characterised by intensive cross-border activities along the value-chain:

  • Very globalised, integrated and complex supply-chains worldwide: A single bouquet can be made of flowers sourced from several origins.
  • 90% of the international floriculture trade is currently duty-free worldwide: Most commerce takes place under Free-trade agreements or preferential trading schemes with developing countries in Africa and South America.
  • Key players are located both in developed and developing countries and are very interdependent.
  • Flowers in particular are highly perishable products therefore smooth, efficient and fast logistics and processes are key.
  • The Netherlands plays a key role in the distribution of flowers and plants: currently 45 % of the world trade transits or is facilitated via the Netherlands.

Statistical Yearbook: International Statistics Flowers & Plants

The International Statistic Flowers & Plants yearbook is a joint project by AIPH and Union Fleurs to offer the latest available data  on the global production and trade of flowers and plants. It is an invaluable  reference for international market research, used by trade organisations, policy makers, marketeers, producers, traders, libraries and universities.

Key content offers valuable data on:

  • Production data from 40 countries*
  • Product comparisons
  • Market data and prices
  • Global import/export data

NEW for this year are:
• per capita consumption figures for Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, UK, Japan and USA.
• Data on area and production for Malaysia
• Additional summary information for Canada, the Netherlands and the USA
• A new country table and map for Australia
• New graphs and additional information for Colombia, Japan and the USA
• Extended trade tables for the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Morocco and New Zealand.
• Two new world maps, showing the most important producing and exporting countries of cut flowers.

Preview pages of the 2019 edition:

Union Fleurs members can access and download the Yearbook via the dedicated Resource page

For more information and to purchase International Statistics – Flowers and Plants 2019 from AIPH visit http://aiph.org/international-statistics-flowers-and-plants-2019/