News 18 June 2019

Union Fleurs Pot Plant meeting in Sweden (19-20 June 2019): ready to kick-off!

UNION FLEURS is ready to kick-off the programme organised for its Pot plant members in Sweden on 19-20 June, in cooperation with our Swedish member BRO. We will welcome a group of 25 pot plant wholesalers and growers from Germany, Denmark and Belgium and will undergo a 2 – day tour of professional visits taking us from Malmö up north all the way to Göteborg.

We will conclude on 20 June afternoon in Malmö with a meeting focused on “ Fostering a more sustainable supply-chain for pot plants: ongoing initiatives and need for European cooperation? (with a focus on plastics & packaging)”. We very much look forward to the contributions from Ecochain, Modiform and FSI to our discussions.

To all the participants to the Union Fleurs Pot plant meeting: Välkommen till Sverige!

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