News 17 April 2020

Sending messages of hope around the world with flowers & plants

Updated 17 April 2020

Our members, partners and network are wonderful and keep spreading beautiful and positive flower & plants  initiatives amidst COVID-19 crisis

To infuse some much-need positivism through these harsh COVID-19 times, a variety of beautiful and positive flower & plants initiatives are currently being promoted by our members, partners and network in the floriculture industry worldwide. They all aim to remind people of the importance of flowers & plants and their universal language to show love and friendship, gratitude, support, consolation and hope. And to stress how flowers & plants have the power to connect people from every corner of the world.

Several visual and video campaigns are currently largely spread over social media to bring sparks of colour and joy in these turbulent times and ensure that consumers will not forget about buying flowers & plants when the situation stabilises again. Here’s a snapshot:

“Let Hope Bloom” –  Flower Council of Holland  
Our member the Flower Council of Holland launched end of March the consumer campaign ‘Let hope bloom’ in Germany, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom simultaneously. By sending a message of hope and positivism, the campaign conveys that flowers will always be there and give hope to all the people whose lives are being impacted. #lethopebloom

The campaign also includes media support with posters, images and social media posts, calling on growers, traders and florists to use the material on their own channels. More info here.


“Bond with Flowers” – ASOCOLFLORES & Flowers Of Colombia
Our member ASOCOLFLORES and its brand Flowers of Colombia recently released a video which tells, from the perspective of the flowers, how there is always room for positive emotions and happiness in this world, which the flowers of Colombia are perfect to convey. “Dear World: Allow us to bring smiles and harmony to the world.”

In another video, ASOCOLFLORES highlights the wonderful people and team effort behind every step of a flower journey, from the start of their lives until they reach our homes. Yes, flowers can change lives! From breeders to growers to florists to the happy recipient of a beautiful flower bouquet: they all carry hope, dreams and emotions – and flowers connect them all! A beautiful reminder of all the diverse human stories behind each and every flower that enlightens our days!

With the campaign #bondwithflowers, Flowers of Colombia also invites everyone to share short messages illustrated by flower pictures and express their feelings to the people they care about, even if they are far away.


“Be a plant hero” – Floradania

Our member Floradania and their member companies  actively promote online the great benefits of plants and gardening , encouraging people to “be a plant hero ” #plantehelt for themselves and for their loved ones during their Springtime ‘staycation’ – the usual touch of  Danish dry-humor and self-irony during lockdown measures !


“Flowers of Hope” –  Kenya Flower Council
The campaign  “Flowers of Hope” was recently launched in Kenya by KEPSA (the Kenya Private Sector Alliance) under its Economic Framework for COVID-19 response. The campaign will be implemented through KEPSA members as follows: our member Kenya Flower Council (KFC), Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM), Elgon Kenya, Kenya Airways and Jambojet with volunteer partners from Rotary Kenya and Women of Kenya Initiative. “To support this sector, we want to use Kenyan flowers as a uniting symbol of our community of solidarity and compassion emerging in Kenya and indeed the world as a response to the Covid-19 showing gratitude and support to the people at the frontline of or suffering from the pandemic, which will also help in saving thousands of farm jobs.”

The campaign started on 30 March 2020 in Nairobi with the distribution of flowers in Kenyatta National Hospital, Mbagathi Hospital, Pumwani Maternity Hospital, Mama Lucy hospital, Mathare hospital and Spinal Injury hospital. It will then continue in other parts of the country in the coming days. Kenyans and other citizens get involved by posting a picture of themselves with a rose with the campaign hashtag and a personalized message. #flowersofhope

“We connect emotions” –  Expoflores
Ecuadorian flowers share their message of hope through a video, in which flower growers show their resilience, telling the world how despite being hit hard, they remain positive about the future, about their ability to grow stronger out of this challenge. “We will be reborn out of this adversity, spreading love and happiness, keeping this sector alive […] Without flowers our tomorrow doesn’t exist”. #weconnectemotions


#flowers4oxygen: Flowers & plants contribute to public health and bring positive energy
Determined to spread a positive message during the COVID-19 crisis, various organisations and people from the floriculture sector, designers, media and marketing agencies in the Netherlands have joined forces around the hashtag #flowers4oxygen to demonstrate how flowers and plants contribute to public health. Parties from within and outside the sector have directly offered their cooperation, such as Keukenhof.

The campaign kicked off end of March with an enormous flower art installation in the shape of a pair of lungs, for which which various floriculture companies and dozens of volunteers cooperated to gather over 50,000 plants and 150,000  flowers to the Keukenhof grounds in Lisse (while respecting safety distances !)

FLORAL ART INSTALLATION, KEUKENHOF,  NETHERLANDS: Massive art installation featuring floral lungs being created by #flowers4oxygen at Keukenhof in the Netherlands.

The #flowers4oxygen movement calls similar creative initiatives around the world to share them online and spread the message of love and happiness during this crisis. By using the tag #flowers4oxygen,  the campaign’s motto “Together we stand strong and with united forces we are powerful” is reinforced.