News 15 February 2024

FloriPEFCR approved by the European Commission and launched on 14 February 2024


FloriPEFCR ( Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules for Cut flowers and Potted plants) aims to set harmonised rules and a methodology for calculating environmental footprint for floriculture products (cut flowers & potted plants) under the guidance and validation of the European Commission. The final version has  recently been formally approved by the European Commission and was launched during a celebratory presentation on 14 February 2024.

Project leader Roline Broekema from Wageningen University & Research symbolically handed over the FloriPEFCR final version to Jeroen Oudheusden (Executive Officer FSI) in the presence of the chair of the FloriPEFCR Technical Secretariat Albert Haasnoot (Royal FloraHolland) and consortium partners.

Union Fleurs has been supporting the project since its inception at EU level in 2019 and participating in its Technical Secretariat,. It was represented at the event by Sylvie Mamias, Secretary General.

With the EC’s endorsement of the FloriPEFCR, the entire floriculture sector can now work towards achieving the ultimate goal of the FloriPEFCR: demonstrating in a consistent, unified and verified manner the environmental impact of floriculture products and stimulating the further reduction of their environmental footprint. The FloriPEFCR now becomes the new standard method, in the EU but with a global reach, for measuring the footprint and environmental impact of cut flowers and potted plants using 16 environmental indicators.

History of FloriPEFCR:
In 2018, the project under the name ‘Hortifootprint’ was initiated by Royal FloraHolland, GroentenFruit Huis and WUR and co-funded by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture. In 2019, following the publication of the Hortifootprint category rules, the project continued with the development of FloriPEFCR, under the European Commission’s Product Environmental Footprint. The project group also includes Union Fleurs, MPS group, Glasshouse horticulture Netherlands, Natuur & Milieu, FSI, Florverde, ABN AMRO and Rabobank. PRé Sustainability and Blonk Consultants provided LCA-specific support.

Congratulations to the project leaders and all consortium partners for this groundbreaking achievement that will benefit the floriculture industry at large!

FloriPEFCR documents can be accessed here: