Events 16 February 2024

CONNECT – SESSION | 28 February 2024 | Topic: Measuring Environmental Footprint: FloriPEFCR ☑ – What next?


LET’S (e)CONNECT!  Union Fleurs members, industry partners and network are invited to join our  CONNECT-Session on Wednesday 28 February 2024 from 15H to 16H30 CET (Amsterdam time-zone).  The session will be dedicated to the topic of Measuring Environmental Footprint and is organised in close cooperation with FSI (Floriculture Sustainability Initiative) and Royal FloraHolland.


Following the approval of FloriPEFCR by the European Commission and its formal launch on 14 February 2024, our guest speakers Albert Haasnoot, Chair of the FloriPEFCR Technical Secretariat, and Jeroen Oudheusden, FSI Executive Officer, will present the final version of the FloriPEFCR setting harmonised rules and a methodology for calculating environmental footprint for floriculture products (cut flowers & potted plants). They will also explain what the next steps will consist of and how FSI is preparing to support efforts to realise the ultimate purpose of the FloriPEFCR: demonstrating in a consistent, unified and verified manner the environmental impact of floriculture products and stimulating the further reduction of their environmental footprint.

This is a follow-up to previous sessions we held in 2021 and 2023 to inform on the development of the FloriPEFCR. Union Fleurs has been a proud partner of FloriPEFCR since its inception at EU level in 2019 and has taken part in the work of its Technical Secretariat.

Union Fleurs members and network have received an invitation to sign-up  & confirm their attendance. For any questions, please contact the secretariat: