Events 16 September 2022

CONNECT – SESSION | 29 September 2022 | Topic: Unlocking opportunities for Kenya’s cut flower exports by sea freight

  All Union Fleurs members are invited to join our  CONNECT-Session on Thursday 29 September  2022 from 15H to 16H CEST (Amsterdam time-zone)

We will welcome as guest speakers:

In 2020, COVID -19 related supply chain disruptions have exposed the limitations of airfreight from Kenya to major markets in the EU and UK. The port of Mombasa is a crucial landing points for goods in Kenya, but while controlled atmosphere (CA) containers have made it possible to export flowers to new markets, the use of sea freight from Kenya is yet underdeveloped. Unlocking opportunities for more sustainable trade routes and greener growth through seafreight has now become a key priority for the Kenyan flower industry, with a declared ambition by the Kenya Flower Council of securing 50% of Kenya fresh produce exports by seafreight by 2030.

Our guest speakers will take us through the opportunities and demonstrated business case for exporting cut flowers from Kenya by seafreight and will update us on progress made so far in this direction and on future prospects.

All Union Fleurs members have received an invitation to sign-up  & confirm their attendance. For any questions, please contact the secretariat: