Events 19 October 2022

CONNECT – SESSION | 27 October 2022 | Topic: Euro Plant Tray – Reduction of one-way tray packaging material in Europe’s Green Supply Chain

  All Union Fleurs members are invited to join our  CONNECT-Session on Thursday 27 October  2022 from 15H to 16H CEST (Amsterdam time-zone)

This session is a follow-up of the session we held in October 2021 on the topic of Reusable Plant Trays.  Since then, the European cooperative Euro Plant Tray eG.i.Gr has been founded in August 2022 by eight major stakeholders in the European plant trading business. Euro Plant Tray builds on the cooperative project facilitated by the German SIM Foundation (Stiftung Initiative Mehrweg) in the past two years that aimed at introducing a European-wide reusable system for plastic trays used to transport plants.

We will welcome as guest speaker Ms. Flora Späth, who  represents our Dutch member VGB (Dutch Association of Wholesalers in Floricultural products) within the Euro Plant Tray e.G. i. Gr. as board member. She will update us on progress with Euro Plant Tray and on the next steps to ensure sustainable success in the reduction of one-way tray packaging material across the European plant supply-chain.

All Union Fleurs members have received an invitation to sign-up  & confirm their attendance. For any questions, please contact the secretariat: