Events 17 June 2022

CONNECT – SESSION | 23 June 2022 | Topic: Perspectives on the enforcement of EU Plant Health Regulation 2016/2031

  All Union Fleurs members are invited to join our  CONNECT-Session on Thursday 23 June  2022 from 15H to 16H CEST (Amsterdam time-zone)

EU rules on plant health contribute to sustainable horticultural production as well as the protection of green spaces, forests and the natural landscape. They also aim to ensure safe trade, as well as to mitigate the impacts of climate change on the health of crops.  EU rules were last updated and reinforced by the entry into application of the Plant Health Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/2031), on 14 December 2019. The Regulation foresaw an evaluation after 2 years of the enforcement of the new rules for plant passport (Article 79) and import measures (Article 50). The European Commission has conducted this evaluation in the course of 2021 and consulted with selected stakeholders such as Union Fleurs and VBN. Two evaluation reports have been published in December 2021. Some adjustments to the EU Plant Health Regulation might be implemented as a result in the near future.

We will welcome as guest speaker Dr Robert Baayen, Phytosanitary expert at VBN (the Association of Dutch Flower Auctions), who will share insights and perspectives on the evaluation process of the EU Plant Regulation and on which regulatory adjustments might come next.

All Union Fleurs members have received an invitation to sign-up  & confirm their attendance. For any questions, please contact the secretariat: