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Union fleurs - International Flower Trade Association
  • Union Fleurs members are kept informed on a regular basis of news & regulatory developments in the area of trade policy and phytosanitary measures at EU and international levels that might have an impact on their trading activities. Reports of relevant meetings attended by Union Fleurs representatives in this area are also regularly shared with the membership.
  • Union Fleurs members can ask the Union Fleurs office for assistance in finding relevant EU or international legislation or standards, as well as other documents.
  • When necessary, Union Fleurs members are invited to submit inputs and comments on position papers being developed by the Union Fleurs office in the framework of advocacy & lobbying activities.

  • A quarterly Union Fleurs Newsletter is circulated to the membership, informing them about activities undertaken by and within the association and announcing events and activities.
  • Members are also invited to share with the Union Fleurs office any relevant information about upcoming floricultural events or activities carried out in their country, so that the other Union Fleurs members can be kept informed of what is happening around the world.
  • To facilitate interactions between members and enhance Union Fleurs’ visibility, a Union Fleurs Facebook page has also been sent up to initiate discussions within the membership and the sharing of news.
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